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A complete lifestyle, health and fitness programme, just for you

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As an Olympian, I know what it is like to train hard and smart and will guide you through your personalised training programme. I represented Team GB at two Olympic Games as a professional Sprint Kayaker. I decided to retire but missed sport so decided to pursue a career in coaching and became a Personal Trainer.
My aim is to guide you through health, fitness and lifestyle choices. I dedicated my life to sport for 18 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer.
My aim is to make sure your new personal health and fitness programme blends with your lifestyle.
I can help you achieve your goals with training sessions outdoors, indoors or in the comfort of your own home with techniques that will keep you motivated through the seasons.  
My focus is to provide you with a training programme that meets your wants, needs and goals, whilst most importantly .... having fun!

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The fact that you exercise and get moving is the main part here!
Factoring in a healthy diet and lifestyle, it doesn't matter where you exercise...just so long as you do it!
The sessions are designed for you. They can include a wide variety of exercises including kettlebells, resistance band, strength exercises and mobility. 
Ultimately, it is down to what makes you happy and gets you moving.




The health & wellbeing for you and your baby is the most important factor. Providing you with support and most importantly working on exercises that are safe during your pre & post natal stages.


My goal is to create a bespoke training programme that enables you to keep moving during your pregnancy.

There are many benefits linked to keeping active during pregnancy for both mother and baby such as improving circulation, a fitter heart, easing your back & pelvic pain and setting you up for an easier labour and delivery. 


Working with you to design a postnatal training programme that aids your recovery is key. Whether you have a goal in mind or would like help and guidance along the way, I am there for you.

Moving at your pace and of course being flexible with your gorgeous little newborn.


With just a few clicks, you can easily have access to my classes and join me online.

Using the equipment you have at home (no need to spend money on more) you can be sure to get your heart rate lifted, sweat on and boost that feel good mood.

Book a class now and lets get moving!

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We all know the great outdoors and fresh air is good for us. So combine this with exercise and you have the perfect health benefit! 
Exposure to sunlight and fresh air does not only improve your physical fitness, but your mental and emotional well being. 
If it's listening to the birds on a spring morning (we all know how lovely that sounds) or to the fresh crisp December morning when your feet crunch through frost on the ground, being outdoors certainly does have its perks.
With exercises that use time and repetitions as a measurement of progression, it's easy to track your improvement.
Research shows outdoor sports require more energy due to the outdoor elements such as wind, temperature and terrain adding a natural resistance to outdoor workouts, increasing the calories burned and energy expended.


With no concerns about rain, wind, ice, heat or humidity, you can train all year round, regardless of what's happening outdoors. 
Factor in the benefits of consistently training throughout the year and the bonus of tracking the weights you are lifting and shifting, indoor training is a great option. 
Join me in my indoor gym with air conditioning, ideal for people suffering with asthma or allergies.

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No strings attached - get in touch to arrange your free consultation


Train in the comfort of your own home or your favourite outdoor space


Learn more about everything you need before starting a new training programme

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